Sunday, February 8, 2015

Writing updates

Last week, I sent off the final revisions on Flickers of Film / or, Nostalgia in the Time of Digital Cinema to Rutgers University Press. I'm going to try to blog in more detail about the long road to publication on that project, which has a lot of meaning to me, but I want to wait until closer to when the book is set to appear. One may note that I set aside the Hawai'i project during the last three months. I haven't forgotten about it (in fact, I'm quite excited about getting back to what's been a longtime labor of love for me). But, I've been using the time to revise and polish Flickers of Film, which will make some important contributions to not only discussions about film in the digital age, but also to the still relatively under-theorized field of nostalgia in film and media studies (there is a fair amount, certainly, but I would suggest much of it repeats one of two oft-repeated core approaches to the topic).

So, anyway, time well spent in the past few months. Going forward, of course, I'm mostly focused on my teaching. And, as time permits, I'll get back to the Hawai'i project. The plan is to have two first drafts of chapters done by the end of this coming summer--nothing fully polished yet, just a way to get the ball rolling. In the next few months, I also plan to revise an essay on Detroit documentaries that I wrote last year, and perhaps work from scratch on a shorter piece exploring what might define the "nostalgia film" from a more focused genre standpoint (narratively, stylistically and thematically) than has been offered before--several scholars reference nostalgia in movies and TV, but there doesn't seem to be a comprehensive source for thinking consistently about what might constitute its genre features. This is something that'll ideally grow out of some ideas at work in a class I'm currently teaching on the subject at NU.

Onward and upward.