Saturday, March 29, 2014

Blossoms & Blood review

The first review for the PTA book (FB page, btw) that I am aware of was posted today over at a Milwaukee-based periodical, Express Milwaukee (I guess we Badgers need to stick together!).

Its a very flattering review overall. The author seems skeptical of the mediation/reflexivity angle as unique to Anderson's films, though I don't think I quite make that claim per se, since I repeatedly position Anderson as a product of his time, and thus overlapping both industrially and thematically with some of his contemporaries. Also, my take on the films in this regard is just as concerned with the ambivalences and contradictions of what it means to live in a late capitalist society, which is as important to the "postmodern" reading of the films as its interest in celebrity culture and other forms of reflexivity.

At the same time, I wrote the book with the idea that this focused theoretical framework would give the subject greater heft, but with the conscious intent that hopefully it would not become a distraction, or worse a complete blockage, for more mainstream audiences looking exclusively for close analysis of the individual films.

All in all, a good start for the book, and my gratitude to the reviewer for taking the time to look it over.