Friday, October 31, 2008

spoiler alerts

Part of the James Bond Blogathon

Not here, but everywhere else.

I now know how other people around the world feel when a new American film comes out, waiting weeks, even often months, for a film that's out, that everyone on the internets is talking about, but that I cannot see for myself.

Quantum of Solace has opened in the UK, but will not be in the states for another two weeks. Very frustrating, even more so now that the film was moved back an extra week, from the 7th to the 14th (for some inexplicable reason I still don't understand--though supposedly Harry Potter's to blame).

It also gives a whole new meaning to spoiler alert--there's already a lot of stuff out there on the film, and I'm fighting the balance between wanting to know more to feed my anticipation, but not wanting to know everything, or even to know enough that the film itself would hold no surprises for me when I finally do see it.

I'm starting to fear that this distribution strategy somehow, someway, will ruin the experience for me. But I don't know how yet.

I was going to post a blogathon round-up at Mabuse, but I don't want to step on Scott's excellent Halloween post. So I will probably post something on Sunday (I will probably blog before then in response to Will's interestingly introspective first blogathon post as well).


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