Monday, November 19, 2007

The Cinephiliac Flaneur; or, how I stumbled upon the Batman Set

"The moving eye in the moving body must work to pick out and interpret a variety of changing, juxtaposed orders, like the shifting configurations of a Victor Vasarely painting."

--Learning From Las Vegas (1972)

Last July, Scott and I were wandering through the Loop in Chicago, seeing the sights and waiting for Tim and his wife to arrive. We stumbled upon a film set--it wasn't the first time I had done so downtown, but it was the first time I immediately recognized the film being shot--The Dark Knight (2008).

It appears to have been the set-up for the scene where Joker (Heath Ledger) is sprung from a prison truck by his henchman (look closely and you'll see the bullet holes and cracked windshields).
These probably won't be the most interesting of images to most fans, as there are quite a few images from the new Batman movie online. But I post them because I feel it somehow speaks to my larger project on the cinephiliac practice of everyday life, which I have discussed now twice.

There is something appropriately symbolic about just wandering the city, as a cinephile, with a fellow cinephile, and stumbling upon a set--a practice intensified by an overt cinematic presence, leaving its trace in photos and now blog posts. As it had been to stumble upon the old Punch Drunk Love location about a week later in Hawaii.
Unfortunately, the coolest image from The Dark Knight set was that of a crashed police helicopter in the middle of the street later that night. Unfortunately, we were in a car then, driving too fast to get a snapshot. If only then we could have been still wandering aimlessly.